Investing for our future

We have spent far more on far less.

Maintaining our advantage

Americans standardized electricity, created the light bulb, revolutionized cars, invented planes, discovered antibiotics, harnessed nuclear power, put men on the moon, and created both computers and the internet. Currently, China is outspending the U.S. 3 to 1 developing green energy. At this rate when countries go to buy solar panels or turbines they will look to the Chinese. Whether we like it or not, green energy is the future. If we don't invest now we will lose our powerhouse economic advantage. The potential profit from leading the green technologies sector is in the trillions.

We have the opportunity to create a new American dynasty manufacturing and exporting the highest quality and most efficient green technologies, if we do not even attempt to compete we will lose the next "space race".

Millions of jobs

In 2016 our defense budget was $150 billion less than it is in 2020. Both the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army have requested that we invest into fighting climate change and upgrading infrastructure for national security purposes. As the current and future administrations want to remove us from all overseas wars to sub 2016 levels, we should be able to repurpose the $150 billion budget increase for the Fight to Unite Initiative.

With just the $150 billion defense spending the Fight to Unite Initiative would be able to train at minimum 750,000 workers and invest nearly $100 billion into infrastructure investments annually.

Something worth fighting for

The United States has spent over $6 trillion for the endless war in the middle east where thousands of Americans have died and hundreds of thousands of people have died in total. The department of Defense and the U.S. Army have both requested that we heavily invest in our country's infrastructure. We wrote a $700 billion dollar check to bail out banks who caused the worst financial crisis since the 1929 Depression. We have enabled and subsidized industries for decades that have taken billions from taxpayers and caused billions more in damages. The United States has never hesitated to invest in our national security.

We have the money to invest in our country if we choose to do it.

Investments bring dividends

It is recommended that we invest around $500 billion per year for the Fight to Unite Initiative. All of the money will be invested directly into the American economy.

We will use American manufactured equipment while paying American citizens who will then spend that money at American businesses. We will be able to spur unseen economic growth and reduce poverty which will decrease our welfare program spending by tens or hundreds of billions of dollars. By providing services to the 500,000 homeless we will save at least $10 billion in expenses incurred currently by taxpayers. The actual economic benefits will be in the trillions.

Donate and help secure America's future

The Fight to Unite Initiative solves the many of the problems we are facing today. By moving past our differences we will ensure that every person has the chance to achieve the American Dream. Not only can we invest in our communities right now, we will be able to secure the prosperity of the next generations. Donations will support Dane Wilcox and his campaign for Congress to pass the FTUI into law.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone.”
- President Dwight Eisenhower
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