There is a lot of work to be done

The climate is changing, our bridges are falling down,
19 million Americans don't have high speed internet, and
18 million more lack clean water.

The list is endless

Climate change is happening, we just finished the hottest decade in recorded history. According to the U.S. Army, if we do not invest in fighting climate change they will not exist in 20 years. Fossil fuels are causing irreparable damage and our gulf has still not fully recovered from the Horizon spill. A bridge fell on a car in Tennessee in 2019, and we have over 50,000 other bridges that are rated structurally deficient. Our infrastructure is rated D+ nationally.

Every night 500,000 Americans sleep outside. We will need to build at least 5,000,000 new apartments by 2030 to maintain our current availability. Another 11,000,000+ could need major renovation in the same time.

These are just a fraction of the issues we are facing today. Every day that passes we are not taking action is another day we fall further behind and more Americans suffer. These are all problems we can make serious progress solving with the Fight to Unite Initiative.

Green energy

We have been installing wind turbines since 1980, and in 2020 there are 54,000 installed in total across the United States. The largest solar farm in America is 7.3 square miles of solar panels. To replace 80% of our projected energy needs in 10 years with wind and solar, we would need to install over 2,200,000 wind turbines and 59,000 square miles (the same land mass as the state of Georgia) of solar panels.

Due to the inconsistencies of wind and solar we will also need to build mass energy storage methods such as batteries or hydro gravity. Production and installation of these projects will require the creation of millions of jobs that we do not have the training resources available for today. The Fight to Unite Initiative is the only plan that provides the framework to train the required labor to implement projects of this magnitude.


Each of the last 5 years we have never built more than 350,000 apartments. Trying to meet the low projection of required housing in 10 years at current building rates we will fall about 2,000,000 apartments short, disregarding the 11,000,000 apartments that will need renovation.

The Fight to Unite Initiative will not only be able to help meet national demands for housing, it will be able to provide units for "housing first" policies that have been proven to work at reducing chronic homelessness after decades of success.

Bridge and infrastructure repair

Over 50,000 bridges are rated structurally deficient in America and at current rates of repair it will take 80 years to fix them all. Bridges are expected to need major repair at least every 60 years so if we don't change our strategy we will never catch up. It will become commonplace for bridges to fall on cars or collapse with cars on them.

Millions of miles of roads are damaged and in need of repair. Dangerous potholes cause damage to cars every day and traffic congestion removes billions of dollars from the economy every year. Installation of efficient high-speed rail would also be possible with the Fight to Unite Initiative reducing stress on already literally crumbling infrastructure.

Rural revitalization

One of the major reasons for the decline of rural communities is lack of opportunity. Access to high-speed internet is required for active participation in society. Despite already paying 500 billion taxpayer dollars to ISP's for equal internet access, millions of Americans are left in the digital cold. Many organizations don't even have phone numbers publicized or accept physical job applications requiring contact via the internet. The Fight to Unite Initiative will build high-speed internet for all Americans.

Training facilities will also be built in rural areas to economically revitalize local communities and provide more opportunity for residents to prosper. New opportunities will be available for job creation with new infrastructure properly connecting all Americans.

Clean water for all

Flint, Michigan is not the only city in America that suffers from water with high lead or chemical content. In 2018 Newark, New Jersey revealed lead contamination was at an all-time high and showed levels above the EPA safety limit. More than 18,000,000 Americans do not have clean drinking water. Children in schools all over the country drink from fountains that have elevated lead levels.

The Fight to Unite Initiative will provide a pathway to repair neglected water lines ensuring that everyone has access to clean water. Expanding repair services across the country to areas in need will not only save American lives but provide valuable training to plumbers that are in high demand.

Disaster recovery

As the climate changes, natural disasters cause more damage. New Orleans took years to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Puerto Rico has not fully recovered from Hurricane Maria, it took 11 months to restore power to all residents. There is no reason why any American should ever have to live 11 months without power after a natural disaster.

The Fight to Unite Initiative will give us the ability to send enrollees serving in the program to disaster areas to help recover after an emergency. Electricians to repair power infrastructure, plumbers to repair water lines and pipes, carpenters to help rebuild, medical assistance for the injured, and many more services can be provided when disasters strike.

Donate and help secure America's future

The Fight to Unite Initiative solves the many of the problems we are facing today. By moving past our differences we will ensure that every person has the chance to achieve the American Dream. Not only can we invest in our communities right now, we will be able to secure the prosperity of the next generations. Donations will support Dane Wilcox and his campaign for Congress to pass the FTUI into law.

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”
- President Harry S. Truman
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