Fight to Unite Initiative

If we are to solve the problems we face today and those our children will face tomorrow, we must band together beyond partisan lines.

We are facing natural mega-disasters and climate change, homelessness and poverty, job losses from automation, and the decline of small farms and rural investments. Instead of focusing on the issues that affect all Americans while, we create policies that bolster the immense wealth for the richest 1%.

The security of our nation requires that we build the infrastructure of tomorrow, today. In 1956 President Eisenhower used part of our defense budget to build 41,000 miles of freeway across the country in the name of national security. The Fight to Unite Initiative uses the same idea to invest in our country providing the important infrastructure, education, and jobs to ensure the security of Americans.

The Fight to Unite Initiative provides the framework to build a program where people can serve the United States while learning new skills to ensure that no matter your status in life, everyone will have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.


Trades and skilled jobs needed

In 8 years we will be millions short


Apartments needed in 10 years

Just to maintain current availability


Wind turbines needed

Currently we have just 54,000 total


Square miles of solar panels

The same size as Georgia

What does the Fight to Unite Initiative help?

There is a lot to do and this is the first and most detailed plan to fix it all.

Education and jobs for everyone

No matter where you are in life, you will be able to receive training to ensure a living wage.

Infrastructure investment

It will take over 80 years of repair work to fix structurally deficient bridges at current rates. A bridge fell on a car in Tennessee in 2019.

Rural revitalization

We will build high speed internet and facilities for all Americans. Investing in family farms is important for our future.

Green technology

We will become the world leader in green technology. Right now we are getting outspent 3-1 by China.

Affordable housing

Ending the shortage of affordable housing is the first step to ending homelessness. Rent shouldn't be 50% of our salaries.

Pathway to citizenship

Anyone willing to serve the United States will have a direct pathway to citizenship. Earn citizenship safely through service.

How does the program work?

A new program will be created with coordination from all departments of government.

Enrollment and education

Whether you are 18 years old or 50, finished high school or have a family, have no money or have a disability, everyone will be eligible to join. When you enroll you will take an aptitude test and be offered several job training opportunities based on the results. Everyone in the program will receive housing, meals, healthcare, vacation time, and a monthly salary. Training for the selected job program will begin immediately and education will be provided to ensure success.

Training and service

People enrolled in trade programs will receive required classroom training as well as on the job training. On the job training will consist of participation in projects such as building apartment complexes, bridge and road repair, green energy installation, natural disaster recovery, and much more. For specialized education year round university programs will ensure timely graduation. After the training and education term, all enrollees will provide service to the United States for a term of two years by using new skills to complete projects across the country while continuing to enjoy housing and other benefits.

Projects and opportunities

There is no shortage or investment opportunities in the United States. To successfully invest in green energy, we will need to build manufacturing facilities to create millions of wind turbines and billions of solar panels in addition to their installation and power grid upgrades. We will need to provide medical services to millions receiving healthcare for the first time, including to the elderly and disabled that need at-home care. Existing roads and bridges need to be repaired while additional ones are built. We need to invest in building new internet infrastructure for areas that lack service. Millions of Americans are without clean drinking water and millions more don't have access to childcare or affordable housing.

There is far more we can accomplish when we work together.

Donate and help secure America's future

The Fight to Unite Initiative solves the many of the problems we are facing today. By moving past our differences we will ensure that every person has the chance to achieve the American Dream. Not only can we invest in our communities right now, we will be able to secure the prosperity of the next generations. Donations will support Dane Wilcox and his campaign for Congress to pass the FTUI into law.

Download the detailed text with data sources of the Fight to Unite Initiative
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